Tips on how to prepare for picture day + What to wear!

Each child is different: some kids want to wear a jacket and tie or fancy dress and some want to wear jeans or polka dot tights with a striped jumper. It's my philosophy that school photos should capture your child's personality as it is at this moment in time. It's been my experience (over twelve years of photographing kids) that letting kids help pick out their outfit helps them be more comfortable and excited about picture day, and in turn results in better photos. It is entirely up to you and your kids how you want to look for picture day. I celebrate differences and encourage kids to be themselves!

Having said all that, here are a few tips that can help make your child's photo as strong as possible:

  • It's a good idea to find out your school's background color (see below) and stay away from clothing that is the same color as your school's background. Contrast is good! 
  • Clothing with large logos or text can draw focus from your child's face.
  • Try and schedule any haircut appointments for at least one week prior to picture day.

Background Color

The background color that has been selected for your school is Basic Black. The background color your child was photographed on will be the final color in the photo. I want to ensure the best quality in the photograph, and therefore do not shoot on a green screen and do not change the background color in post-production.